Course curriculum

    1. Important Information

    2. Initial Theory

    3. Winafl Challenge

    4. Winafl Solution

    5. Initial Theory Pt.2

    6. Importance of Coverage

    7. Experience Survey

    1. Real-target fuzzing (+ Snapshot Fuzzing) Theory

    2. Real Target Fuzzing pt1

    3. Initial Harness

    4. Real Target Fuzzing pt2

    5. Real Target Fuzzing pt3

    6. Real Target Fuzzing pt4

    7. Real Target Fuzzing pt5

    1. Real Target Fuzzing pt6

    2. Real Target -- Snapshot Fuzzing (Harness Setup)

    3. FileHook_SHMEM Files

    4. Real Target -- Snapshot Fuzzing (what-the-fuzz pt.1)

    5. Real Target -- Snapshot Fuzzing (targets folder for what-the-fuzz)

    6. Real Target -- Snapshot Fuzzing (what-the-fuzz pt.2)

    7. Real Target -- Snapshot Fuzzing (what-the-fuzz pt.3)

    8. Experience Survey 2

    1. Logic Vulnerabilities (+ Live Examples)

    2. Misc Tooling

    3. Driver Target Challenge

    4. Identifying the Issue (Trend Micro Driver)

    5. Solution (Driver Target Challenge)

    6. IOCTLDump Github

    7. Driver Hooking + 0day (Logic) Challenge

    8. Assigment: Chef + Salt Challenge

    9. Additional content survey

    1. Copy of Slides

About this course

  • $3,100.00
  • 34 lessons
  • 17.5 hours of video content
  • Learn to find 0-days in arbitrary Windows software

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Learn about snapshot-fuzzing real-world Windows targets & finding logic 0-days

Continually updated over time to reflect state-of-the-art Windows 0-day hunting techniques

Course Benefits

A tiny portion of the benefits you receive with this course

  • Beginner & Advanced content, with live-demonstrations, real targets & covering the entire 0 to 0-day process

  • Community pages to engage with discussions between peers & instructor, with ongoing support after the course & extra workshops / live Q&A sessions

  • (Optional) Assessments & completions certificates to show you've retained the information presented and can reliably find 0-days in arbitrary Windows targets

  • Lifetime access to the course with all future updates & revisions -- always have access to the latest in 0-day research techniques and tools

Student Reviews

5 star rating

One of a kind

Huw Pigott

Self paced deep dive into Windows fuzzing and internals with hands on examples. Well worth the cost!

Self paced deep dive into Windows fuzzing and internals with hands on examples. Well worth the cost!

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